Frequently asked questions.

Our web support model was built based on years of experience in the web integrations business.

*Not all web integrations are the same, contact us about your unique situation.

Web Projects

Doing business online is an ever-changing venture. We want to make it easy to manage every stage in the lifecycle.

No.  We realize that you may have invested precious dollars into what you already have.  In cases where we recommend a new build we will provide evidence and strategic reasoning.  Often we can work with your existing site and platform with some changes.  

Webmaster Plans

There's nothing like having someone in your corner managing the web stack. We're here for you.

It depends.  At first we will be accessing things a lot until we have the appropriate monitoring configured to allow us to get alerts when things need help.  We will always check-in once per month or more to update things and review the site.  We are doing our job well if things don't go wrong often. 

Pricing & How We Work

We are transparent about our pricing and how we structure projects. You need certainty.

Yes - but that isn't always the case.  We offer what we call "hybrid pricing".  This is a mix of estimated hours and costs with clear boundaries so we make the deadlines and you can manage your businesses expectations.  However we avoid "scope creep" and help you build out realistic timeframes and spending.

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