Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Webmaster Plans

Webmaster plans exist so that you don't have to worry about your website updates, security, repository updates and small changes that you may not always be able to figure out. Without a webmaster plan every task you ask us to do for you would incur hourly charges - including updates, security, and backups. These plans give you predictability and when your site is kept safe, online, and backed up you greatly reduce your risk of catastrophes, embarrassment, or large unexpected bills.

Absolutely. You will be billed hourly for those changes in 15 minute increments. Some small businesses and sole proprietors can't get past the monthly fee and choose to update their site less often and ask us to help with this. It is usually more expensive and increased risk. However, we understand that you may have unique circumstances (especially if you have multiple websites) and will work with you to make sure we can still be there to support you. Those without webmaster plans will usually incur delays in updates. Similar to a car repair we would need your authorization on the estimated hours and then re-acquire access to your site.