Web Projects with Altitude

Every web project is unique - but common challenges are not. Our project Master Plan helps you avoids the pitfalls and navigate challenges, manage expectations and successfully complete your web project. Create a quick quote request today.


Integrate your need into our proven web Master Plan to make sure you get it right.

Strategy & Design

The essential process of choosing a framework, mapping out content, charting out functions, and establishing your workflows.

Design & Development

Go to work designing and developing your project or upgrade. This is where you see the progress through constant live-updates from our team.


  • Predictable Path & Master Project Plan
  • Change Logs & Documentation of Assets
  • Constant Updates & Progress via Client Portal


  • Scope Creep: We help to provide the big picture before you begin.
  • Complexity Entrapment: Avoid systems that cannot be easily modified.
  • Avoid Hourly Traps: Our hybrid rate-card model protects your budget.

Common Questions for New Customers on Altitude's Project Team

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Anywhere from $45 per-hour to $140 per-hour based on the service you request. Pricing also changes based on if you use US-based resources or offshore teams for certain roles. Every customer receives a personalized rate-card for the services they will need which gives you predictability to scale your team as needed.

In short we have both. We are a US-based company with our headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. We have team members working across the United States and in other countries primarily the Philippines and South America. It is our goal to be able to reach other languages and support a variety of budgets and customers. Many times we work international projects which require different time zones and specialties anyway.

The first step is to contact us for a quote. This allows us to start a dialogue and get to know you and your situation. You will then be assigned a project manager who will direct your efforts to plan and initiate your project.

Your project manager advocates for your desired outcomes and reverse engineers your project plan to get the right people involved. Since we work in so many industries and support different websites your project manager will more than likely have experienced similar needs and will be able to work the master plan and keep you up to date with work progress.

Absolutely. In fact, the Altitude Webmasters site is built on WordPress. It saves your company money to utilize 3rd-party plugins and a framework that is easily modified and adapted to fit your needs. You aren't having to build much from scratch and can use existing apps and integrations easily. With that said, we still work well within PHP and Microsoft frameworks for projects as needed.

We like to! Everyone is so busy nowadays. If we do time on-site it will most likely be with your project manager and will be in half-day sessions allowing your team members to keep up with their workload. You might catch us pushing for a video call here and there to get some face-to-face contact but virtual is totally cool with us!

Global Reach in Projects & Talent

From the beginning we have always been a global team. When you require different languages, market reach, and must cater to global operations, a worldwide team is natural.


Identify Your Need

We work with you to identify your direct need.

Receive Your Personalized Rate Card from Altitude

Your predictability is built into the estimates and knowing what it costs long-term.  You need to know the correlating levels of rates and talent to see the big picture.

Scale Your Team for Reach & Talent

We bring together a team that fits you markets, language, and talent required to develop and deploy your project.